Email List Guidelines

The RASmembers distribution list at Yahoo Groups is a communications tool for RAS members to talk with each other and make each other aware of information of general interest to the group. The following are some general guidelines in using this list:

  • Content. Posts to the list should be related to music and audio.
  • One-to-One Conversations. Individual one-to-one conversations not of general interest to the group should be taken off-list.
  • Invitations. Invitations to regular RAS meetings, to ad hoc meetings, or to an audio related road trip are welcome. Replies/RSVPs should be sent to the list as a whole so everyone can see who may be attending.
  • For Sale. For Sale posts of music or audio equipment are welcome. Replies to For Sale posts seeking additional information should be taken off-list, i.e., reply to the individual member making the original For Sale post, not to the group as a whole.
  • Change Subject Line. If you are replying and starting a new topic in the process, please CHANGE the SUBJECT line of the email. It is respectful of members’ time to do so. And, as members search the archives in the future, having topically relevant subject lines make the archive much easier to search and much more useful. .
  • Courtesy. Courtesy and respect are expected in all conversations.
  • User Preferences. Members can control their communications preferences:
    • All emails – the default
    • Daily digest – Get up to 20 posts in a digest only once per day
    • Special Notices – Receive only important email notices from the group moderator
    • None – view posts at the RASmembers Yahoo Groups website only

To change your communications preference:
Go to:
Select Edit Membership next to your name and email address in the header bar
Select your preferences and save

  • Change email address. Follow the same steps as above to change your communications preference. Under Email Address, select “(Add a new email address)”.
  • Address for the List. To email the group, address your email to

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