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orchestra musiciansThe Richmond Audio Society (RAS) was formed by and for folks who love music and the excellent reproduction of music in our homes. All music lovers are welcome in a spirit of collegiality and respect for one another.

Regular RAS meetings occur six times each year, and ad hoc meetings among smaller gatherings of members who open their homes to each other occur frequently.

Our members live throughout central Virginia in a two hour radius from Richmond. While we come together for fun, we do have club officers to help keep us organized and meeting the interests of our members, and we do have modest annual dues to help pay for food and beverages served at club events (dues are currently $40 per year).

If you are interested in learning about RAS, we welcome you to join us for some great conversation and good music! We hope you will come at least twice as our guest and that you’ll then decide to join as a member. Information about our upcoming meetings is posted as details are finalized.


Contact Us

We love meeting fellow travelers in this crazy hobby we share! Drop us a note via our Contact Us page. One of our members should be in touch with you in just a few days…



We welcome you to attend a couple of meetings as our guest to find out if membership may be right for you. If you decide you would like to join us regularly (and we hope you will!), we ask that you become a member. As a member, you will become part of our regular activities, receive regular communications about upcoming activities, and be able to participate in our online conversations.

Membership dues are $40 per calendar year payable each December for the upcoming calendar year. Checks shold be made payable to our Treasurer personally: Alan Givens. Payment by PayPal is offered as a convenience, but members will have to pay the PayPal transaction charge for a total of $41.50. To pay by PayPal, click the Dues button below:

Discounts for Members are offered by several mail order audio retailers and several manufacturers of gear. For details, members should look at the Discounts Available to RAS Members post.



[None, we work by consensus as a community]

Alan Givens


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Registered members should read the Help File for instructions on logging in, posting, changing passwords and retrieving lost passwords.