A Piece of Aphrodite (2022)

This is an account of Anthony’s main relationships over the years, plus a couple of other things that seem relevant. I’ve tried to back up comments made with sources so everything has a basis. Obviously the main source of information is Anthony’s own book, Scar Tissue, and this is in no way intended to replace that; this is a summary of the relationships discussed in more detail in the book and it also continues from where the book left off until the current day.

Please note: I’ve tried to make this as accurate as possible but it might be inaccurate in places as I don’t have first hand information and am piecing together information from other sources so please don’t take it as gospel (I am more than happy to be corrected on anything included!).


The story of how Anthony lost his virginity at a young age has passed pretty much into the RHCP Book of Lore but just in case anyone doesn’t know, this is the account from ‘Scar Tissue’:

Interesting Fact:

While still at high school, Anthony proposed to Debbie Harry of Blondie:

Source: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman, page 76*

With my not necessarily warranted sense of self-confidence, instilled in me by my father, I was constantly attempting to unite with a woman. Fortunately, I was given a reprieve from this quest at the age of seventeen, when I fell in love for the first time.

Her name was Haya Handel, and she was my high school sweetheart. For the next two years, I experienced wonderful sensations of warm-hearted contentment with her. Sadly, as is often the case, my first love crumbled, and I was quickly tossed back into the sea of fish.

Details magazine, July 1992

Haya and Anthony were high school sweethearts. They were close friends already but Kiedis wanted to take the relationship further which he did by taking flowers and a poem to Haya at school; unfortunately he was late and class had already begun but he presented them anyway- much to the delight of his fellow classmates and the embarrassment of Haya!

“..and he brought his Haya Handel over to meet me. They had their own Romeo and Juliet scenario; Haya’s father would only let her date Jewish boys…”

Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ by Blackie Dammett; page 157.

The relationship between the couple developed although the issue of Anthony not being Jewish was always a problem and he had to pretend to just be Haya’s friend when in the presence of her family (see Scar Tissue pages 73-5* for more information). They dated for a couple of years and even enrolled at UCLA together because Haya wanted to remain with Anthony. However, the relationship started to disintegrate due to the fact Anthony was the wrong religion for it to develop any farther;

“Then we lay in Hillel’s bed, holding each other tight and crying for what seemed like hours because we both knew that this great love was coming to an end.”

Scar Tissue; page 91*

Anthony had a passionate fling with German punk singer Nina Hagen. He first met her after a gig; Anthony came off stage and headed to speak to his father noticing her in the process;

“… but then there was this exquisitely beautiful, older woman, to me because she was probably twenty-nine or thirty and I was maybe twenty or twenty-one. She had this crazy thick accent and she was all colourful… And it was Nina Hagen. She was so beautiful and so exotic looking. She had her colorful, alien, superfreak look, but beyond that she was just very East German. Overbite, high cheek bones. Just a radiant lady and I fell in love with her at that moment… That was also the beginning of a romance that sparked up for a little while. She taught me a lot about life at a young, tender age… So I basically fell in in love and had sex with my first fan.”

‘Fandemonium’ by David Mushegain with forward by Anthony Kiedis; pages 15-16

The relationship might not have lasted that long but it led to a long lasting legacy for all Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fans as Nina’s attitude inspired Anthony and provided the inspiration for ‘Give It Away’ when she gave him a much loved jacket:

Aged only 20 when the pair went out, Kiedis had been impressed by Hagen’s principal that the more she gave away, the more she would always receive.”

‘Red Hot Chili Peppers: Inside the Veins of The Velvet Glove’ by Martin Roach

Jennifer was attending the Fashion institute in LA when Kiedis first met her at a party;

“Within minutes, I was blown away by her presence, her aura, and her fashion statement.” ‘Scar Tissue’ Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman;

Scar Tissue; page124*

However, Jennifer did not totally respond to Anthony’s advances and Anthony left for a trip to Europe with Flea, but unable to forget Jennifer, he hooked up with her again on his return to the U.S. (Scar Tissue; page 129*). Their relationship was stormy with Jennifer unable to cope with Kiedis touring and his frequent disappearances in search of drugs, but at the same time they had an incredibly intense sexual relationship which was paradoxically also often based on drug use; drugs that Jennifer herself was increasingly becoming addicted to.

“…Cupid shot them up, and they became a fiery couple for a minor millennium. It was his first live-with alliance. Their first home together was a funny little bungalow on a runt of a trail called Banner of Vine Street, surrounded by fruit trees, weeds and litter that helped obscure it from reality. Together they wandered off into drug addiction.”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 189

Despite dating Jennifer and being in love with her, Kiedis was unfaithful on tour to her (on one night he met the Catholic girl who inspired the song, ‘Catholic School Girls Rule’) and also moved in with a female friend called Kim Jones; Kim was a fellow drug addict and their relationship was one based on friendship, mutual understanding and drugs. Needless to say Anthony and Jennifer’s relationship became complicated and Jennifer started to distrust Kiedis:

“Even though I was mainly staying at Kim’s house, Jennifer was still my girlfriend. Jennifer became convinced that Kim and I were having sex. One day she came by Kim’s house, and Kim and I were sound asleep, naked and cuddling up… No romance, just friendship… Jennifer didn’t see it that way. Kim and I woke up to Jennifer shattering the bedroom window.”

Scar Tissue; page180*

The relationship between Jennifer and Anthony became increasingly complicated and there was a lot of violence:

Anthony returned from that tour to be told that Jennifer was seeing Chris Fish (the keyboard player of Fishbone) and, somewhat hypocritically, Kiedis dumped her as a result. However the couple got back together again after Jennifer spent several weeks sleeping on the doormat of Anthony’s place in attempt to get back with him. One night he relented;

“I can’t remember if I gave in to her love or if I was so bad off that I needed twenty bucks or if she came offering drugs… but I let her in and we picked up where we left off. High as kites together, back into the mix of a totally dysfunctional but passionate relationship”.

Scar Tissue; page189*

Shortly after, The Red Hot Chili Peppers were due to play a charity gig on the same bill as Fishbone and everyone was excited about the concert but things went wrong on the night. Chris Fish suggested that Jennifer should join Fishbone on stage as a backing vocalist which she did, against Anthony’s wishes. Annoyed at being publicly ridiculed, Kiedis sought revenge by asking a good looking woman to join him on stage during the band’s performance of ‘Foxy Lady’; she did and Jennifer became angry at the resulting performance. (You can see what happened from about 1.20 onwards in the video below). Jennifer rushed on stage, attacking the woman and especially Kiedis. The couple were finished.

Thanks to James Slovak for uploading the video

“From the moment I laid eyes on Ione, I knew that goddess was going to be my girlfriend.”

Scar Tissue; page202*

Ione Skye is an actress and the daughter of 1960s singer, Donovan. She dated Anthony for a couple of years and was his girlfriend at the time of Hillel Slovak’s death; in fact, it was Ione who broke the news to Anthony that his friend had died. They lived together:

Anthony’s drug addiction was in full-swing for most of their relationship (he did stop on the trip to Mexico with Ione after Hillel’s death for a few days but started again as soon as he was back in LA), and although Ione seemed to accept his use of drugs it may have played a part in the end of their relationship in another way:

“Before he cleaned up, Kiedis had been friends with a Mexican drug dealer named Mario. The latter’s favourite hang-out was under a freeway bridge in downtown Los Angeles. It was a no-go area for anyone who wasn’t a member of a Mexican gang- in order to be allowed in, Kiedis had to pretend to be engaged to Mario’s sister. This would prove to be a major factor in the break-up of his two-year relationship with actress Ione Skye, daughter of ‘60s folk singer Donovan.

Q 228 July 2005

Difficulties between the couple grew and there were often arguments;

“There wasn’t anything horrible going on between us, but we weren’t making each other happy, and we weren’t giving ourselves to each other. We were fading and fighting…”

Scar Tissue; page245*

During their fights, Anthony told Ione to leave several times,and sometimes she did leave, but always went back to him after a short time but on the tenth time she called his bluff and left for good. Kiedis took a Christmas present round a short time later and was asked by her mother to leave it outside, thus signalling the relationship was over for good this time (she went on to date and marry Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys). Anthony was left to regret the break-up;

“I spent countless days laying on a bunch of old mattresses and shooting up,” Kiedis recalls. “I’d had this beautiful angel of a girl who was willing to give me all of her love, and instead of embracing that, I was doing speedballs with a bunch of fucking killers.”

Q 228 July 2005

Anthony was backstage at a show in Japan (January 1990) debating what to do about a message from a girl who he’d slept with the night before;

“…I was sitting backstage when I looked up and saw the cutest girl I’d ever seen in my life walk into the dressing room… At that very moment, my destiny became clear to me. She was my new girlfriend”

Scar Tissue; page253*

That girl was Carmen Hawk, a model who was doing some work over in Japan.They had a few days together before Anthony went home via London- there he met a woman called Karen who he spent a few days with before returning to LA where he later hooked up with Carmen again. Their relationship was to be a rollercoaster one with incredible ups and the lowest downs:

“… I adored her… she was the most sexual person I had ever found myself in love with.

Scar Tissue; page254*

Meanwhile my relationship with Carmen was tumultuous. She was off her rocker. I got her to go to therapy so she didn’t kill herself… I kept trying unsuccessfully to end the relationship, but after I bought my house, she simply would not leave. She locked herself in the bathroom with a knife. She had gone in there to cut her wrists. And I had to knock down the door to get to her… I finally bought her a plane ticket so she could go model in Italy, and that was the end of our relationship.”

Scar Tissue; pages 260-261*

Carmen: Inspired Songs

Anthony and his new girlfriend, Carmen Hawk, took me out for a big five-0 birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant on Las Palmas. She was one of my favourite of his girlfriends, but the relationship ended in fast-moving wildfire. Anthony may not have been as bad as me, but he wasn’t exactly monogamous. Carmen contested the breakup and fought it in the court of broken hearts, “Breaking the Girl” chronicled the emotional pathology…”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 283

Blood Sugar Sex Magik was also partly based on this relationship;

“…which was a song that was partly an homage to my incredible sexual encounters with Carmen.”

Scar Tissue; page279*

O’Connor was famous at the time as a singer she met and dated Anthony Kiedis but she later became a Catholic Priest and has since apparently converted to Islam.

Sinead and Kiedis met while both playing at a European festival in 1989; Kiedis dedicated “Party on Your Pussy” to her in a somewhat obtuse attempt to get her attention considering she was a feminist and political rights campaigner. However, it worked and she mentioned Anthony in return during her show. The two spoke briefly in her dressing room with Anthony writing her a love letter which she apparently kept (Scar Tissue; pages 267-8*). The two went on their separate ways with Kiedis going on to have a relationship with Carmen Hawke. Then Kiedis started to hear rumours that she’d moved back to LA and one day he bumped in to her;

“One look at her, and I just melted. I would have married her on the spot.”

Scar Tissue; page 268*

He mentioned the letter he’d sent to her at the festival and she explained that she still had it; a relationship started to develop with the couple going to movies and museums with Anthony teaching her to drive;

“This went on for weeks, and it became the most wonderful, nonsexual relationship I’d ever had. I adored her, and every day I’d wake up and write her a little poem and fax it to her.”

Scar Tissue’; page 269*

And then suddenly the relationship came to an end after Sinead left an abrupt and totally unexpected message on his answering machine;

“Hey, Anthony, this is Sinead. I’m moving out of Los Angeles tomorrow, and I don’t want you to call me or come by before I leave. Good-bye.”

Scar Tissue; page269*

Anthony wrote a song to express his feelings and worked together with RHCP guitarist, John Frusciante, through the night and a violent rainstorm, to finish it. He posted it through her mail box at 5 a.m. That song was ‘I Could Have Lied.’ (Note: AK refers to it as ‘I Could Have Lied’ in Scar Tissue (page 270*) but it’s listed as ‘I Could Of Lied’ on the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album)

“We did a show together right after her first record came out, and she had combat boots and a dress and a shaved head, and she was so fucking beautiful. And I said to myself, ‘I have to hang out with this girl.’ And eventually that happened, but [it] ended in an abrupt and inexplicable kind of vanquishment-if that’s a word. And I never figured it out, and eventually I stopped kind of trying to figure it out.”

GQ magazine, November 2004

Sinead has since publicly denied any relationship with Kiedis;

“I never had a relationship with him, ever. I hung out with him a few times and the row we had was because he suggested we might become involved. I don’t give a s**t about the song he wrote. “I’m not a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I can’t bear them, I don’t get it.”

(Taken from ‘My Park Magazine’ which has since closed)

Julie was a short-lived girlfriend while Kiedis was staying in New Zealand;

“One night we were playing pool when a longhaired brunette goddess out of a Kiwi fairy tale walked into the room…“I came to find you she,” explained. “I heard you were in town, and I’ve come to get you.”Julie got me, all right…”

Scar Tissue; page302*

Screen cap from the Details: Changing Fashion film

Actress,model, film-director and daughter of director Francis Ford Coppola;

“…. another one of my unfulfilled attempts at a relationship during this period of my life.”

Scar Tissue; page291*

Note: In the order given in Scar Tissue, Sofia Coppola is mentioned after Sinead O’Connor and before Julie but that seems to be earlier than the time they were dating as confirmed by other things hence the 1992-3 date given.

In Scar Tissue, Anthony mentions that he asked her to watch RHCP’s performance on the TV show, Saturday Night Live where they played ‘Under the Bridge’ and ‘Stone Cold Bush’. That performance became infamous because it’s the one where Peppers’ guitarist, John Frusciante, played ‘Under The Bridge’ differently thereby upsetting Kiedis who kicked Frusciante and swung a mic at his head as a result. Apparently Kiedis was even more upset because his new girlfriend, Coppola, was watching. That SNL performance was in February 1992.

In Vogue (June 1994), there’s a reference to Anthony Kiedis and Sofia Coppola dating and it gives the date as 1993. The couple also appeared in a short film for Details magazine; the release date of that is again 1993 (although the film could have been released later it does seem to confirm the 92-3 date). For more information on that film (video, summary and screen caps) please see the separate article: Details: Changing Fashion 1993

Anthony Kiedis & Karine Rueda, Brazil 1993

Photo and article kindly provided byRHCPtv1

A brief relationship while the band were in Brazil for two concerts at the beginning of the year (15th January,Sao Paulo & 22nd January Hollywood Rock Festival). Press at the time stated that Carine was a fan who, with a group of friends, visited the hotel where RHCP would be staying on a number of occasions to plan and prepare to get the attention of their idols by having dinner there and chatting to the waiters to get themselves known. On the day, Carine waited for Kiedis assuming he would have to eat at some time. Her plan worked and they ended up getting together for the rest of his time in the country.

“To welcome the Hollywood Rock 4 groups, the girls invested time and allowance…they went to Maksoud Plaza four times. “We had dinner and chatted with the waiters”…When the groups arrived, they settled into the brasserie hotel dressed to kill …They held the pose for hours, certain that the rocker also eats — sooner or later, they would have to come down from the bedroom. As soon as Kiedis appeared, Carine — on the verge of a nervous breakdown — managed to keep her air of boredom…
From then on, just follow the manual. Carine stayed with Anthony.”

Source: unknown & Google Translate.

(Similar information is also in an online article onExame)

There were rumours in the press that the Anthony Kiedis and Madonna dated with the two being photographed together several times and performing on show together but there was never anything more concrete than that. This is what Blackie had to say in his recent autobiography:

“Anthony followed that up with an appearance on Arsenio Hall’s one-thousandth anniversary show at the Hollywood Bowl, doing a duet of “The Lady is a Tramp” with Madonna. They dressed in identical short black skirts, fishnet stockings with garter belts, devil caps and combat boots. Madonna threw herself at him; they tumbled down and she gave him a good humping. After the show, they had a quiet date at Canter’s on Fairfax.”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 311.

The Lady is a Tramp

Model. (Details are a summary of Scar Tissue; pages 314-352*)
Anthony saw her in a club while with Guy Oseary, and was instantly attracted to her. He saw her again the next day while she was modelling and they all met at a club that evening but Jaime was more interested in her model friends than Anthony. He nearly gave up but seeing that she needed to go home, he called a cab and went with her after she invited him to do so. Their relationship started the next day although Kiedis had to convince her parents that it was OK for her to see him (she was 19 at the time), and to get them to allow Jaime to fly out out for a visit to LA.

The couple didn’t actually live together but saw each other on various trips to their respective homes in LA and NYC and Jaime went out to stay with Kiedis while he was in Hawaii when RHCP went there to work on the album that was to be One Hot Minute.

Meanwhile, following a trip to the dentist when he was given painkillers, Anthony had lapsed and was doing drugs again and trying to hide the fact from Jaime by telling her that he was ill. However, while Christmas shopping Jaime found out the truth when she saw him using (although she had already suspected he was) and confronted him; he persuaded her to stay with him and they went to Michigan for Christmas as planned with Jaime doing most of the driving there while Anthony went cold turkey in the car after his drug supplies ran out.

Anthony was clean for a while before returning to his drug use to celebrate the completion of the lyrics for One Hot Minute. He avoided Jaime and everyone else by hiding into a series of hotels but was eventually tracked down by Jaime and then RHCP guitarist, Dave Navarro, who checked him into rehab in April 1995.

Jaime and Kiedis spent fall & Christmas 1995 together after the RHCP tour had been postponed going back to New York for New Year’s Eve:

A few days after that, I got this epiphany that this period of my life had come to an end and it was time to be single again, to be alone. I looked at Jaime one day and thought, “I’m not in love with her anymore.” For no reason. It was nothing she did… I told Jaime but she didn’t accept it… I went back to L.A., and she came out. There was a lot of crying and ranting and then she packed up her stuff and got back on the red-eye and left.”

Scar Tissue; pages 351-2*

While touring (and snowbound) in New York City, he met Guy Oseary at the Spy Bar in Soho:

“Then we saw this girl who was a little tipsy, wearing a bright red dress with some weird 80s Zebra belt accoutrement. She was in her own world by the piano, doing a heartfelt performance to a Bjork song. I thought that took a lot of chutzpah, so I went over and introduced myself. Her name was Christina, and she was a model who had grown up in Idaho but was now living in New York. She had natural orange-red hair and crazy beautiful white skin and huge tits, way too big and pillowy for normal runway modelling. That night I began seeing Christina, which was a good thing, since it had been a while since I felt that connection with somebody. I wasn’t falling in love, but she was a nice person, and we were definitely sexually compatible.”

Scar Tissue; page354-5*

The relationship lasted a few months with Anthony flying her out to various gigs on the tour; however he ended the relationship just before flying out on a European tour. [Details Scar Tissue; page358*].

Another very short relationship. Kiedis was introduced to Rachel by Guy Oseary after a RHCP gig at Wembley; Anthony was so attracted to her that he decided to remain in England for a few days after the concert to get to know her better; it turned out that she had had a relationship with Anthony’s ex Ione Skye:

“I have to tell you that this is so weird, because the very last person I had a sexual relationship with was your ex-girlfriend Ione. And by the way, I liked this experience much better…”

Scar Tissue; page 362*

He stayed with Rachel for a few days before having to return home.

Unknown magazine clipping

Mel C, better known as Sporty Spice ,from UK pop group the Spice Girls.Anthony and Mel C were rumoured to have been a couple and there was much speculation in the press about the pair;

“I became friendly with Mel C (Sporty), and we stayed in touch for months and months.”

Scar Tissue; page405*

However, it’s not sure actually how serious the relationship was:

“…and Anthony had a new crush of his own. Flea took Clara to see the Spice Girls at the Forum and they brought Anthony along. He met Sporty Spice Mel C backstage and something akin to lust or love blossomed.”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’

By Blackie Dammett; page 337

However serious or not the relationship was, Mel C was the “English girl” in the song “Emit Remmus” which Anthony wrote after being inspired by their relationship [Scar Tissue; page 405*]

**Name used in later editions of Scar Tissue (pages 411- 458*).

Kiedis met Yohanna Logan met when she was working in the trendy Balthazar Restaurant in New York; he’d gone there for a meal with Guy Oseary and some other friends.

“I walked in and had a huge ‘love at first site’ kind of wallop.”

Fornication: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story by Jeff Apter; page 306

Logan refused to see Kiedis that night but they met the next day and spent the day together before Kiedis returned to L.A. Shortly afterwards it was Anthony’s 36th birthday and Guy Oseary was arranging a party for him. Kiedis wasn’t really interested as he wanted to see Yohanna whom he was now speaking to on the phone several times a day. As a surprise, Oseary flew Logan in especially for the party and she and Anthony spent the weekend together.

Anthony knew she had taken drugs in the past and that she drank heavily from their previous meetings, but he was shocked to find she was still using drugs when he made a surprise visit on her birthday to her place in New York and he saw the track marks on her arms. Although he wasn’t sure if the relationship could continue, he knew he could not leave her either. However, she decided to get clean and when she wanted to return to school, Anthony Kiedis set her up at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

At the beginning the relationship had been a long-distance one necessitated by the fact that Logan was in NYC and Kiedis was in LA but when Yohanna finished school, they decided to move in together and Anthony rented the penthouse of Colonial House near Chateau Marmont in LA (Kiedis had always liked the house and the penthouse had just become available). Yohanna moved to LA in September 1999.

“I loved living in this cool penthouse apartment with her; but it was never smooth sailing. We’d both been such fucking dope fiends for so long that we never had a chance to grow out of our childish behavior. We must have loved the drama and the constant rush of fighting and making up and starting the whole cycle over again. It was crazy.”

Scar Tissue; pages 248-9*

Their relationship had been somewhat tumultuous from the start; they’d got into a massive standoff at a party when she went to stay with Kiedis in December of that first year. In addition, Logan always found it hard to accept the attention that Anthony Kiedis got as a member of the Chili Peppers and it caused a lot of friction between the couple; all added to by the fact that she never seemed satisfied with anything she was given and always wanted more:

“She was always on edge and discontented about something. I was equally maladjusted to life at that point.”

Scar Tissue; page 429*

However, they stayed together and Kiedis even helped her set up her business and used his contacts to find her buyers:

“Anthony and Yohanna had moved from their Mediterranean West Hollywood penthouse into an old house with lots of personality off Mulholland in a celestial cliff overlooking the clouds. Anthony set her up in business designing clothes, and she had a nifty office and workspace in the quaint home. A loyal boyfriend, he wore her gear* to perform in…”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 351

*Yohanna’s clothing company was called Shawn

In 2000 the couple were invited to a NBA game in San Francisco and while there, they started to reminisce about using drugs and a plot was soon hatched to see what it was like getting high together; the plan was for it to be just one evening for the experience. During that first binge, Yohanna was so ill that Kiedis ended up phoning 911 (and they had several visits by law enforcement to the hotel room they were staying in as a result) but that wasn’t enough to dissuade them and they carried on with drug taking becoming a major feature of their relationship and while Logan eventually stopped, Kiedis was to continue on and off (e.g. stopping for RHCP commitments) for sometime afterwards.

Later that year (2000), they met up for New Year at St. Barts but the holiday didn’t go well with the couple pretty much rowing from when they met at the airport. Over the holiday Anthony started to have doubts about the future of the relationship. It all came to a head when she gave him a hard time for talking to some women about a painting and he told her it was over.

Kiedis now concentrated on getting sober; he got a new house and a dog (a present from Guy Oseary), and he then met Cammie (see below)and started a new relationship with her. However, one night, he bumped into Yohanna again and the relationship resumed; Kiedis went straight to Cammie’s place to tell her it was over.

Kiedis and Logan’s relationship would continue in much the same on/off way e.g. there was another Christmas trip to St. Barts (2001) and they got in difficulties while surfing (Yohanna had asked to learn), and she got really angry with Kiedis over it and they broke up again as a result. He would miss Yohanna and get back with her only for things never to work out as he expected:

“Sometime the next year. I relapsed. I’d keep getting back with her because I missed our friendship, but I always got the same result, never any progress. Four years into our relationship, she was as smoulderingly distraught over the littlest things in life.”

Scar Tissue; page 458*

Eventually the relationship ended for good while Kiedis was writing songs for By The Way and, as a result, a lot of the songs on the album were written by Kiedis in relation to their breakup:

“…and Anthony dedicated “Don’t Forget Me” to me. He had written the poignant ballad for his now ex-love Yohanna, but I loved this song…”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ By Blackie Dammett; page 361

(During a break with Yohanna but added here to save breaking the continuity of the Yohanna account. ** Comment below identifying Cammie as Cameron Richardson)

Anthony went out with Guy Oseary one night and wasn’t looking for love or anything close…

“…and saw this extra-fine girl from across the room. There was a line of guys waiting to talk to her, but I just cut the line, took her away, and sat her down on a couch… Her name was Cammie. She was an actress who lived in a Laurel Canyon house with a Playboy centerfold and Paris Hilton. She was wonderful and beautiful and smart and funny, and she started staying over at my house and became my girl.”

Scar Tissue; page 453*

The relationship with Cammie was very short-lived as about a month later he saw Yohanna (he was due to meet Cammie later in the day for lunch) but he started kissing her and suddenly the relationship was back on. He drove over to Cammie’s house and ended their relationship. [Scar Tissue, page 454*].

Not much is known about Rota Hanss/Hans (both spellings have been attached to her photos) except for a few photos of her with Anthony.

The two were rumoured to have dated but little more is known about them except they were photographed together a few times:

The Sun reports Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is dating Bruce Willis’ ex Demi Moore. She was spotted stage-side at the Chili Peppers gig in LA and the pair arrived arm-in-arm for a Paramount Pictures anniversary bash. A spy revealed, “They spent the night chatting intimately. There was a lot of staring into each other’s eyes. They are obviously very fond of each other but when a camera zoomed in Demi turned away to avoid being seen with Anthony.” Source: Rock Dirt

Meet Ardasha Benjamin, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS’ No. 1 fan. When the band played Ellis Island last week [July 9th, 2002], Benjamin managed to get backstage and remind frontman Anthony Kiedis that they’d once met in Seattle. The next morning, the 18-year-old model/actress from Brooklyn was spotted emerging from the Mercer Hotel on Kiedis’ arm. Her agency, Flutie Entertainment, declined to comment on the relationship.

Source: Blabbermouth

Photographed together several times during the autumn of 2002 e.g. at New York fashion week so it was assumed they were dating. Not much is known about the relationship if there was one.

Super model. Another brief relationship following Klum’s marriage break-up to Ric Pipino. Kiedis and Klum were first spotted a few days after the break-up was announced (Klum and Pipino divorced later that year) in Sydney.

“Anthony meets Heidi Klum, the audacious and outspoken reigning top model in the world, and they fall in love despite her marriage with faltering Ric Pipino. Goodbye Pipino; hello the germane German, the Teutonic wonderbra woman, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl and the mouth that roared and kissed my son. Welcome to our family.”

‘Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ by Blackie Dammett; pages 358-9

Another model and another short-lived romance.

Please see below for more details as the couple reunited

There were speculations that Anthony cheated on Heather with model Jessica Stam who briefly lived with Kiedis following Anthony and Heather’s split.

MODEL-of-the-moment Jessica Stam can stomp on a rival mannequin’s heart just as skillfully as she struts the catwalk.

The Canadian cutie – for whom Marc Jacobs named his new “Stam” bag – caused model Heather Christie to burst into tears when she learned that Stam had started dating Christie’s then-boyfriend, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis.

Christie was inconsolable at an L.A. fashion shoot for Morphine Generation a few months back after she learned that Kiedis was two-timing her.

The 19-year-old Stam and the 43-year-old Kiedis have been spending lots of time together since. Last month, a topless Stam was photographed frolicking with Kiedis on the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

Stam – who walks in tonight’s Jacobs show – traded in her ex-boyfriend Harrison Ford’s son, Malcolm, 18 to date Kiedis, who counts top models Heidi Klum and Jaime Rishar among the notable notches in his belt.

Meanwhile, Christie – sometimes known professionally as “Nika” – has started dating another aficionado of young runway talent, actor/auteur Vincent Gallo.

New York Post, February 6th, 2006

Model (often used to model under the name Nika).Kiedis met Heather Christie at a party and they eventually became a couple;

“I saw this beautiful face smiling throughout the night,” he recalls. He said hello, found out she had a boyfriend, but cadged a commitment to have coffee. After some time apart, he and 20-year-old Heather Christie reconnected and began dating, and they are now cohabitating. “On paper there was no reason whatsoever we should have gotten along,” he says of Christie, who on their first date took him on a tour of her hometown of Simi Valley. “But when I hung out with her, I didn’t want to hang out with anybody else.”

Blender March 2007

They were first photographed publicly together in September 2004. Their relationship was not always plain sailing and with the couple temporarily splitting in late 2005 while Kiedis reportedly dated model Jessica Stam. Kiedis and Christie reunited early in 2006 and the following year Heather became pregnant; their son, Everly Bear, was born at the beginning of October 2007. (More detailed information on the family can be seen here: The Bear Clan)

Bear Clan Family shot taken for Malibu Magazine, 2008

Heather, who is 24 years younger than Anthony, was the inspiration for the song, ‘She’s Only 18’. Heather is a keen photographer and was RHCP’s photographer for much of the Stadium Arcadium tour.

Laura was rumoured to be dating Laura very soon after the split with Heather Christie; the two were spotted together on a couple of occasions e.g. at UFC 86

Laura owns a jewellery store in Santa Monica; the couple were seen together several times.

Beth leaving Paris hotel where RHCP stayed, October 2011. Thanks to Simona Morisi

Autumn 2011 to early 2012; the relationship seems to have been over by the February as Anthony was photographed with another woman. Beth Jeans Houghton is a British singer-songwriter; at the time she was with Anthony she was performing with ‘The Hooves of Destiny’ but she is now performing solo under the name ‘Du Blonde’. She is also an artist and illustrator and created the video for RHCP’s ‘Sick Love’ single.

Anthony admitted to having a crush on BJH in an interview with British magazine Mojo in December 2011 and the pair had often been spotted together in public before that (she was backstage at the RHCP concert in Bercy, France in October 2011 because I saw her there):

“I have a huge crush on Beth Jeans Houghton. I think she’s a genius.”

Mojo December 2011

Beth Jeans Houghton refused to ever comment on the relationship publicly at the time although she released an album (Welcome Back To Milk), under her new name Du Blonde in May 2015 and one track, ‘After the Show’ was taken by many to refer to her relationship with Kiedis:

“I would’ve loved you forever, both you and your kid/And remained faithful even in your old age, long after the last time that you leave the stage./Cause I loved you for everything, all that you are/The man sat at home, lonely superstar,/All I wanted was time with your soul, skin to skin/My best friend, lover, my companion.”

She was seen with Anthony on a number of occasions at the end of December 2012 (around New Year) including backstage at RHCP concerts and on the front row with him at at a UFC 155 in Las Vegas (above):

It seems that Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, was enchanted by a Brazilian. According to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo on Friday, the singer was seen holding hands with Michelli Provensi model during the New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, United States. At the time, the Californian group performed and the model followed everything closely.

Ofuxico.com (translated using Google)

Source: Lara Bingle Twitter

Lara was photographed with Anthony Kiedis a couple of times leading to some speculation as to whether they were a couple or not especially as one picture showed them gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes… but it was all confused by the fact that Lara was supposed to have been engaged at the time and if a relationship did exist, it was very short-lived:

THERE’S been plenty of rumours doing the rounds about Lara Bingle this past week. Could she have split from long-term boyfriend Gareth Moody or are they getting serious?

Rumours have been flying thick and fast on the Sydney social scene since Bingle posted an Instagram image of herself with visiting US rocker Anthony Kiedis, who is in Australia headlining the Big Day Out, taking a road trip on the NSW south coast…At the same time, paparazzi photographers have been chasing the model to get images of her supposedly wearing an engagement ring given to her by Moody.Bingle, 25, and Moody, a former Ksubi designer who now owns the Chronicles of Never label, began dating a year ago.

January 27th 2013Daily Telegraph

According to an interview that Helena did for Teen Vogue in August 2013, she met David Mushegain [photographer behind the lens for the RHCP Fandemonium book] when he was in her home town of Melbourne for the RHCP concert [RHCP played Melbourne on 26th January] and it’s always been assumed that she met the band, and hence Anthony, through him.

Anthony and Helena Vestergaard were first spotted together early in 2013 when the couple were photographed on a Valentine’s date at a LA Lakers game- Helena appeared to fall asleep on Anthony during the game.

The couple were seen regularly together with Helena often accompanying Anthony as he toured with RHCP and they lived together in his Malibu home.

“I’m not an ageist. You can’t help who you fall in love with,” she told Confidential. “We’re both happy and that’s good.”

International Business Times

Photos of the two together were last published during November 2014. The first photos on 24th November showed Helena being embraced by Anthony and the couple play fighting with Vestergaard looking reticent. A couple of days later more photos showed the pair having a Thanksgiving Day coffee together withHelena looking miserable. She went home to Australia at the beginning of December to celebrate her birthday (according to her Instagram page) and the pair were never seen together again.

Kiedis commented during a radio interview on the break-up during promotion for ‘The Getaway’:

I’m embarrassed to say but yeah, a two-year relationship that completely fell apart like a nuclear bomb just left me feeling pretty raw and available to the emotional universe for writing.

Source: Radio 2 interview with Jo Whiley

Once again, a failed relationship gave Anthony inspiration for writing lyrics for a new album and there are references throughout ‘The Getaway’ that seem to apply to Helena and his relationship with her. The video for the song, ‘Sick Love’ was created by Anthony’s ex girlfriend, Beth Jeans Houghton, and the drawing of the main female character in it is too similar to Helena for it to have been a coincidence. Lots of inferences have been drawn from the lyrics about what happened to end the relationship but neither Anthony or Helena have ever released details other than the vague comments made by Kiedis in interviews for launch of ‘The Getaway’.

Embed from Getty Images

A model from Brazil. Many comments were made about how similar she looked to Anthony Kiedis’s previous girlfriend, Helena Vestergaard- the press had issues telling them apart at first and news stories were published confusing the two.

She first appeared with Kiedis at a fashion show in NYC during fashion week in mid-February 2015 and was seen with him a couple of times after that but the relationship seems to have fizzled out by mid-March 2015 which is the last time they were photographed together.

Anthony was seen a few times withMarina Garpow, a Michigan native, between between June and early September 2016. The appear to have met while they were both holidaying in Michigan. They stayed in NYC together at the Bowery Hotel where they were photographed by parapazzi. She also visited him in his Malibu home as well as joining RHCP on tour a few times e.g. Lollapalooza and Budapest. There were several tabloid articles at the time showing photos of her and AK.Marina was backstage with a group of family & friends at RHCP’s 2017 Detroit concert although the relationship seemed to have been over before then.

For everyone commenting on the balcony photos in the comments below:
I can’t add photos in the comments so will put them here. There seem to be two different lots of photos taken on the balcony of the Bowery Hotel; the ones Marina posted (the top two which were presumably taken by AK) and the ones the paparazzi took (the bottom two; one shows AK taking photos) which are taken from a different angle (presumably from the ground looking up).

Anthony was seen on a couple of occasions (late-November 2016 to early 2017) with Katya (she was named in an Instagram photo). She was out with the band at the very beginning of their 2017 tour and was photographed with him in January. She was possibly with him in February as she seemed to be in the same places as the band but there were no actual photos of her with AK. She did attend at least one of the band’s Madison Square Garden’s concerts as she posted backstage footage but again there was nothing to actually link her to Kiedis himself and she was probably just a guest. It’s assumed she is a model as there are photos of Katya hanging out with Stella Maxwell from last year (2016) however,there are very few named photos of her online and other people thinkthat she’s a student.

After Katya, Anthony was captured in several paparazzi photos with a succession of girls but none of them were seen with him frequently e.g.RHCP performed at a surprise concert to support the opening of a Damian Hirst exhibition in Venice and he was seen kissing an unknown girl who was never seen in public with him again (Source:Daily Mail)

August 2017. Following the concert in Iceland, RHCP were on a break for a number of weeks. Anthony joined his family for a holiday in Michigan. During that time, there were numerous social media reports of sightings and photos of Kiedis with Marina again. One photo showed them in an embrace at her grandfather’s house. However, they have not been seen together since so it seems they just hooked up while he was in MI.

There were a few paparazzi shots at the start of 2018, but nothing since and no sign of a serious relationship.

Update: August 2019. Very quite on the dating front- at least in what’s public. There were paparazzi shots of him with a girl just before the NYC private Coachella East event. The girl was photographed with him at a restaurant in LA immediately before and then she was in NYC at the same time as the concert, but nothing came to light showing that she hooked up with Anthony again there even though she was in close proximity through a mutual friend.

Anthony was filmed on numerous fan videos with a mystery woman while in Brazil for the Rock in Rio concert. It looks like the same person all weekend although her face wasn’t always clear enough to tell definitely, but her hair looked the same. Obviously, the comments are flying that she is a Helena Vestergaard lookalike…

Source: RHCP Mexico Fanpage.
*’Scar Tissue’ by Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman; pages listed are correct according to my edition of Scar Tissue.

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