BBC - Radio 1 - Red Hot Chili Peppers (2022)

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I have always loved Give it Away, and Suck my Kiss, but when I saw them at Murrayfield on Saturday I was blown away by Parallel Universe. Amazing!!

The best chilis song has to be give it away as it is just full of rhythm and vibe and thats what makes them so amazing. I saw them play it at slane last year and it was legendary
Sam the man

My fav all time chili's tracks?...Hmmmmm? Well there are so many and lets be honest they are all wicked!! but Ive been a fan for 14 years so i have a good knowledge i would say the best song is My Lovely Man, Off my fav album Blood Sugar Sex Magik also i love Dosed off By the way oh god there are soooo many sir psycho sexy is wicked too. Gooooo Chili's!!!
Emma W - Poole aka MissChili

i love them all, esspecially Aeroplane because it rerminds me of hanging out with my big bro! Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best band in the world!
rachie c

I like Cant Stop coz of its funky guitar pieces by johnny and swifty lyrics sung by anton!!!!!!

Has to be Otherside or even Could of Lied. Too many to choose. Brilliant band live - enjoy to all those who are going to their show!

well..its hard to choose..but the first sond that i heard of them was "give it away"!i can say that i prefer the old songs of the chilis!like "under the bridge"!also "my friends

Californication and Scar Tissue are my tunes of the moment. Rock on Saturday at Hyde Park, I'm gonna be lovin' it big time.

ur forgettin a few there man!!!wat about tear? from by the way is amazin very soulful and musical, aeroplane is very catchy an funky in places an wat bout breakin the girl?AMAZING!!!js like don't forget me
Rob from Bradford

around the world deffinately. that bass line has to be the best ever writen....

i think otherside is the best track ever!!!

SCAR TISSUE without a doubt the finest damn tune ever to come out of the USofA

my favourite at the moment is around the world, what a brilliant start to a song. I'm also into higher ground. Going to see them at cardif on the 23rd! cant wait

its got to be either under the bridge, by the way or minor thing. cant wait to hear the chillis at the weekend, although im completey gutted at not having tickets!

breaking the girl class song i love it, and otherside, and this velvet glove, and taste the pain, and higher ground, and knock me down, and don't forget me oooo thats so goood bass is class in that, love em all

my absolute fave has to be otherside, californication, around the world, zepher song and just about all the others as the band is amazing, not sure bout cabron though! Didnt get to concert but heard some via mobile in edinburgh it and it made me feel as if i was there. Hope they keep putting out the quality music like they have in the past.
erin gordon

Stone Cold Bush. Great riff, big drums, fat bass....perfect funk all the way through.

Give it away/Aeroplane/my friends/Scar tissue/californication/can't stop/otherside/fortune's faded/taste the pain/knock me down/road trippin' - best song ever!! any old song would be great, cos i love them all!!!!

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californication is my faveroute. Altho, johns best solo is probably in i could have lied, im trying my hardest to replicate it now.. no chance tho, johns a legand, one of teh best ever. Best flea bass line? give it away. it makes me dance and jump every time i hear it. best vocals by anthony.. ooh..probably dosed, that songs beautiful, very underrated, and had lyrics everybody can empathise with.. The best thing about this is, its not over yet! , got years worth of music to come! :D . see you all in manchester
martyn stewart

Don't forget me (live) really kicks. Soul to squeeze, Scar tissue, venice queen And all the rest. Their a Quality band forever.
Si Lo

the best chili track has to be Road trippin its such a classic, reminds of the good summer times spent away on holiday with friends.
grant britton

There's too many to choose from, but the ones that I would note are: Emit Remmus, This Velvet Glove, My Lovely Man, Midnight, One Hot Minute, Venice Queen, I Could Have Lied, Out of Range, and many others, but those came to mind. Love all of their stuff actually; #1 band, worldwide. Been lucky enough to see them live, everyone should experience it.

Soul To Squeeze and Right On Time!!! aparently ive been lisetening to them on and of since i was 5!! Im 17 now and the songs have stuk with me and they all familiar!! I love all the chili peppers' records they definatley the best band around! HYDE PARKS GONNA BE FANTASTIC JUNE 20TH!ENJOY EVERYONE
Stacey Bridie

If the chili's asked me to choose a selection for them to play live it would have to be: i could have lied, venice queen, soul to squeeze, scar tissue and under bridge. But all their songs are cool.

ARGH! seriously how hard to just pick one fav! i could say one per album they ever did but that wouldn't be the end of my favs!! Ok so, This is the Place, Higher ground, I could have lied, Apache Rose Peacock, Right on Time, purple stain. I can't choose between them all!!

hmmm suck my kiss, soul to squeeze, knock me down, funky monks also a funky! and then don't forget me is just amazing. It all depends on the mood your in, i mean if your feeling down listening to under the bridge is a perfect way to make you cry...Anthony *sigh*

The best Chili's song has to be Around the world. Such a tune to get you going.
Tommy H

one of my fave songs is the greeting song, and yertle the turtle is awesome, as is scar tissue and cant stop, and good time boys, around the world, righteous and the wicked, baby appeal etc etc etc etc :D

wot is wrong with u ppl? havent u ever herd bullet proof, not only is the riff amazin but the tune is so god damn catchy. an y has no one mentiond my lovely man or the brothers cup, rivers of avalon is amazin 2.......obviously i love all of their songs but those 4 are just better than the rest
Ric, Manchester

fortunes faded, by the way, californication, under the bridge, breaking the girl,this is the place, agh so many to choose from!!!! the chilis rule all their songs are classic.

I can't choose! I love all of them. Scar tissue, Aeroplane and Can't stop are all classics but my ultimate fav has gotta be Give it away. It rocks. I can't go to any of the gigs and im well gutted. Chili peppers are the best band in the world and i love em forever!

COME ON... the solo on 'I could've lied' is absolutely amazing the tone John gets from his kit there is legendary!

I love By the Way,Under the Bridge, Californication, Scar tissue and lots of others.. Without the Chili Peppers, the World would be a different place, they sent an earthquake on the rock path...
Rach - Biggest English fan around!

It's gotta be Give It Away...just can't help but rock around the room when its on...classic!

Californiction, its beautiful and i love to sing along !! Minor thing is definatly a goody when your day is going tits up !!!!
CAFF- Bmth

for hyde park i'd love venice queen its so beutifull its tear jerking also around the world would make a spot on opener. love to all children of chiliness.x.

(Video) Red Hot Chilli Pipers cover Avicii's Wake Me Up for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show

My fave chilis track has to be "i could die for you" from the By The Way alb, "i could have lied" was a close second, tuff choice tho, chilis r legends

my favourite chili tracks are give it away,blood suger sex magic,scar tissue,road tripping,under the bridge and many more the chili,s rock.

If you have to ask is best live with a jam at the end, likewise with californocation's jam intro live, but venice queen and sir psycho rock out. Fingers crossed for my loveley man at hyde park (19th or 20th, don't care, going to both)
Nat(the great)

Currently my favourite is My Friend

It's gotta be under the bridge an absolute classic can't beat it except maybe me and my friends that just rocks so much

there is no favourite, they are all works of art....

All of their songs are classic, cant tell you how much i'm looking foward to seeing them performing some of their masterpeices in Hyde Park on June 19th!

i love them all !!

Got to be sir physco sexy / venice queen / get on top/otherside / its impossible to define just one ...Tom
Tom Agar

My favourite chili peppers track has got to be Californication what a song and an even better nusic video

my favourite song has gotta be shallow be thy name its so different to their other songs. its great!

Can't stop! It's absolutley brilliant. The main riff in the song is so damn catchy!

the greeting song, love it, ive never seen them play it though. actually i love all of their songs
Jonathan H

i love venice queen,dosed and tear for there beauty but i love cant stop,suck my kiss and all around the world for there crazyness

well its so hard, i love so many, i love pretty little ditty, funky monks, purple stain and my super duper favourite is flea's special song i am a little pea, its so cute, especially live!

Hope they play 'venice queen' and 'i could have lied' at the murryfield gig.
Martin Anfield

I've got so many favourites as I've been a major fan from the beginning!! However, for the top 5 it's got to be Stone Cold Bush, If you want me to stay, I could have lied, Otherside and By the Way. Long may they reign!

higher ground!suck my kisspeaall amazing

(Video) Red Hot Chili Peppers @ BBC Radio 1 Show at KOKO

Knock Me Down, Otherside, Fight Like A Brave and I Could Have Lied (in that order)...

Can't choose!!! But i love give it away, can't stop, funky monks, i like dirt, soul to squeeze, get up and jump and sooo many others!

venice queen, i could have lied, otherside, scar tissue and this velvet glove

I love Otherside, Venice Queen and the very underrated Soul To Squeeze.
Stu Joslin

you all havent lived untill you've heard Blood Sugar Sex Magik. off the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. IT'S PERFECTION!!!
steve in manchester

You cant go wrong with Black eyed blonde for a funky tune!

for me the best song has to be aeroplane and my friends is a close second. I only wish that they would play these!

ALL Chilis songs rule, but best ones have to include Under The Bridge, This Velvet Glove, Suck My Kiss, Sir Psycho Sexy (in fact just all of Blood Sugar), Walkabout, Aeroplane (also all of One Hot Minute). They're just so amazing!

The best chilis songs are scar tissue, otherside, by the way, can't stop, give it away, under the bridge and purple stain. But all of By the Way rocks and I can't wait to see the legends themselves on June 25th!!!!!!!!!

hmm favourite... well they are all my favourite!!! in particular i spose i like otherside, around the world, savior, right on time, give it away,under the bridge...ok the list goes on :P

Venice queen, get up and jump, scar tissue sir physco sexy, minor thing. and just about everything else. Cant wait till the gig!!!

Pearl E. Gates

Venice Queen for it's unrivalled beauty.
Neil A

all of them derrhh, they rock! but under the bridge and otherside rule!

Venice Queen,CalifornicationScar TissueParallel UniverseEmit Remmus - it got to be done especially at Hyde Parkand Second Walk from SCWP John Solo work.

I'd love to hear john cover Elton John's Tiny Dancer because it was amazing last year at London Arena. Also fortune faded as I haven't heard them play that live before. Sir Psycho Sexy is also a personal favourite.

Altho I love all of their songs, I do love :Show Me Your Soul, If You Want Me To Stay, Knock Me Down, Otherside,Give It Away,Save The Population the most!!!

i love all of their songs really. But my favorite ones r "if you have to ask", "true men dont kill coyotes", "funky monks", and suck my kiss B.S.S.M is there best album. But the other stuff still kicks *ss!!!!!

(Video) Red Hot Chili Peppers LIVE Reading Festival 2016 BBC FULL CONCERT

aeroplane and every other chilis song cos they r all amazing!! bring on murrayfield!!!

Picking a single favourite RHCP song is to hard!!!! :) Give It Away is a classic, though I love Otherside, Fortune Faded, Venice Queen and (of course) Under The Bridge :)

Ok wel the best chils tracks ever are this velevt glove i hope they play that on Sunday 20th June Hyde Park and also Body of Water is an amazing track and Knock me down is sooo gd luv it. Peace out
Dave luvs FleA

If there's one song that absolutely rocks it has to be Can't Stop. It cannot be any other, but still, all the other songs are amazing too especially Give It Away and Soul To Squeeze
Nick Q

Also, as many tracks from Blood Sugar Sex Magik as possible, the greatest album of all time!
Mark A

Would love to hear Soul to Squeeze or any tracks from One Hot Minute (as they never usually play them)
Mark A

I love Vencie Queen - it's amazing live! I like give it away, under the bridge, suck my kiss, scar tissue, soul to squeeze....basically all of them! I can't wait till Sunday =D

Scar Tissue & Otherside are just the best / Giv it away ( of course ) / Suck My Kiss and Around The World well really i love em all .. murrayfield here i come

My favourites are Subway to Venus, Soul to Squeeze, Venice queen, Aeroplane, sexy mexican maid, Pretty little ditty, Sir Pshyco Sexy to name but a few of my favourites, though if i sat and had to listen to only one album it would be Mothers Milk.

Venice Queen

my favourite chili tracks are good time boys/suck my kiss/i could have lied/under the bridge

My fave song by the chili peppers is Otherside but I love all the others too!!

Venice queen is the best live song I've ever heard ...ever!

Hi ! I cant decide on which is my fav, but cant stop saved my life by getting me in to the chilis. Sir Physco sexy is a classic song, but then so are the rest of them ! im so gutted i can't go to a gig. Funky Monks kicks ass ! from caz
Caz Opacic

Definitely Scar Tissue. It's got a really cool melody and is a bit of a melancholy tune. I just love it man.

Give It Away!!!! Its just a classic chili tune.

my favourite chili tracks are venice queen/suck my kiss/by the way/this velvet glove/warped and about 100 other songs!

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6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop & Charlie

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