Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Their Stern Show Debut (2022)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Their Stern Show Debut (1)

It was a show for the ages on Tuesday as the Red Hot Chili Peppers sat down with Howard for the very first time. Singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, guitarist John Frusciante, and drummer Chad Smith joined the Stern Show for an epic, two-hour long interview touching upon everything from the recent loss of friend and fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Taylor Hawkins to fond memories of the band’s short-lived tour with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The chart-topping superstars also performed live in the SiriusXM Garage in Los Angeles, wowing listeners with energetic renditions of two all-time classics as well as the latest single from their brand-new album “Unlimited Love.”

Arriving last Friday, the band’s 12thstudio effort doubles as its first with Frusciante since 2006’s “Stadium Arcadium.” The on-again, off-again guitarist’s career with the Peppers has been more of a roller coaster than a straight line. Frusciante replaced founding guitarist Hillel Slovak after his death in 1988, and quickly became an instrumental part of the increasingly popular band’s sound. John quit the band in 1992, rejoined in 1998, parted ways with them again in 2009, and—after spending a decade making solo electronic music—reunited with Kiedis and company once more in 2019.

“What made you ready to come back for this album?” Howard wondered.

“It’s a certain amount of soul searching that I’d done. It seemed like I had changed and grown enough as a person to where it felt like it would be a beautiful thing to have another chance to do it right,” Frusciante told him.

“You’ve got to be in sync with four people,” he continued. “It’s an intense thing to do, and I’ve found for myself I’ve needed to clear my head of it, and figure out who I am as a person, and I’ve really wanted to have that closeness and interaction again.”

“John seems to be that catalyst, that guy who makes you guys elevate your game,” Howard told the band. “Every time John is in the band, the band just seems like it goes to a certain level.”

(Video) What Brought John Frusciante Back to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

“He’s more than a catalyst,” Kiedis said. “He’s our brother. He’s our family. I think just being around him and seeing how much he pours into what he does is infections, it’s contagious, it’s inspiring.”

Howard wondered if it had been easy for Chad, Anthony, and Flea to welcome John into the fold for the third time.

“There was definitely something in the air because without knowing John wanted to come back and without knowing Flea had interactions with John musically, suddenly I felt overwhelmed with the feeling: ‘How do we get John back?’” Anthony said, adding. “I was shocked when Flea told me that John was interested, and he had been playing with John.”

“There were no hard feelings. There were no resentments. There were no regrets,” Kiedis made a point of adding. “It was time for a change.”

Chad Pays Homage to Taylor Hawkins

Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Their Stern Show Debut (2)Photo: Getty Images

In addition to celebrating the band’s new album, Chad made a point of celebrating the life and musical contributions of drummer Taylor Hawkins, whopassed away unexpectedly last month at the age of 50. Rocking out Tuesday morning on a bass drum that read “Taylor,” Chad told Howard precisely how much the late Foo Fighters drummer meant to him.

“I loved Taylor. He was one of my best friends … We’re still shocked and so saddened by his passing,” Smith said, explaining the Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters had grown close touring together in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. “He loved life, you know. He was a real beacon full of positive energy. I’m going to miss him so much.”

Howard admitted he was also quite fond of Taylor, who had appearedmany times as a guest on the Stern Show. As Chad explained it, the feeling was mutual.

“He loved you, Howard,” Smith said, explaining Taylor had helped convince Chad to bring the Chili Peppers onto the Stern Show in the first place.

The two drummers were such great friends that Chad asked Taylor to be godfather to his son Beckett. “He goes … ‘Yeah, what do I got to do?’” Smith recalled with a laugh. “I go, ‘Not really anything.’ He goes, ‘Great, I can do that.’”

Nirvana Made Them Nervous

As one of rock and roll’s most enduringly popular acts, the Chili Peppers have played alongside scores of legendary bands at the heights of their fame. On Tuesday, the quartet reminisced about touring on the heels of its multi-platinum breakthrough album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” in 1991 and getting the chance to headline for everyone from Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins to Nirvana, which had just dropped its seminal album “Nevermind.”

(Video) Frusciante Goes Over His Promotional Pedalboard On Howard Stern

“It was an amazing time in music,” Howard said. “What was that tour like?”

“With Nirvana there was just a heavy magic to them, like just this feeling that they were this powerful entity to be respected,” Flea recalled.

“When we were still playing in clubs, it really felt like a life-or-death thing—like we had to succeed at what we were doing,” John recalled of the Chili Peppers’ earlier years on the road. “Our shows had to have an energy. Our shows had to move people. People had to be dancing … We put ourselves under that pressure of wanting to be good.”

“You know who was good?” Kiedis interrupted. “Nirvana. When we played with them, they were just good. I mean, that was a life changer.”

“For me, that feeling John is so beautifully describing, it was just natural … to have an energy, to have a passion, to have a live-or-die aesthetic to everything we did,” he continued. “But I feel like Nirvana had that naturally as well. They were certainly good at their instruments and songwriting and chemistry and all that, but then they also just had a combustibility that came with birth or came from god or came from the planets or something.”

Howard was curious about Anthony’s interactions with Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

“I was usually pretty nervous whenever I was hanging around with him just because I was in awe,” Kiedis said, explaining Cobain was usually quite shy. “But Flea and I had some nice moments with him at some MTV show where we snuck away backstage and just sat with him while he was getting ready to play, and that was a nice experience.”

“[Cobain] was loose and warm and inviting and relaxed,” Kiedis recalled, adding, “He was a beautiful dude and he left us with a ton of unbelievable music and energy.”

Covering Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’

The Chili Peppers have successfully covered numerous tunes over the years, from the classic Jimi Hendrix cut “Castles Made of Sand” to the funky Ohio Players tune “Love Rollercoaster,” but none garnered as much attention as their unique rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.”

Howard was curious how such an ambitious and courageous cover came to be.

“Flea was saying what a good idea it would be to do a heavy metal version of ‘Higher Ground,’ John recalled. “For us, it was like, ‘It sounds like a cool idea. Let’s try it.’”

The cover came out decades ago, but as Chad told Howard it was only recently that he ran into Stevie and heard the recording icon’s firsthand opinion of it. “[My friend] said, ‘Hey Stevie, what do you think of the Chili Peppers? Did you like the way they covered ‘Higher Ground’? [Stevie] goes, ‘I like the publishing checks,’” Smith recalled with a laugh.

(Video) Red Hot Chili Peppers “These Are the Ways” Live on the Stern Show

Flea’s relationship with Stevie, meanwhile, got of to an inauspicious start. “I had a funny experience with him once in a hotel lobby in Detroit,” he said, explaining he’d always been a big fan of Stevie’s and ran down to the lobby as soon as he learned he was there. “I said, ‘Stevie, hi, I’m Flea. I play in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just wanted to say hello. We played your cover, and I love you.’ I kind of waited, and I felt awkward … and he ignored me,” Flea continued, saying it wasn’t until he walked away that Wonder acknowledged him and then immediately asked the band to perform at one of his fundraisers.

“Since then, I’ve met him a number of times and he’s always been really generous of spirit and kind and engaging,” Flea added.

“Under the Bridge”

The Peppers kicked their trio performances off with “Under the Bridge,” which, despite being one of their biggest songs, started in a very small way. “I wrote a little poem to myself, which was on the very last page of my notebook and, sitting with [“Blood Sugar Sex Magik” producer] Rick Rubin, he’s like, ‘… Well, what’s this poem on the back page?’” Anthony recalled after confirming the lyrics came at a time when he felt like he had alienated himself from others. “So, I sang it to him, and he said, ‘That’s a song.’”

Though Anthony’s words had a “built-in melody,” the music itself was inspired partially by punk rockers the Minutemen and primarily by “Castles Made of Sand,” “Bold as Love,” and “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. “They’re all in this category of this certain style of guitar playing and chord changes,” John said of the “Axis: Bold as Love” tracks. “We covered ‘Castles Made of Sand’ all through the ‘Mother’s Milk’ tour, so it was in the back of my head that we could do a song like that someday. And, when Anthony had the ‘Under the Bridge’ idea, it just seemed like that would be a perfect place to do a song of that type.”

As far as that unmistakable choral ending, the band wound up getting a little help from another mother—John’s. “We needed John’s mom and her church choir to end it,” Anthony noted.

“It just seemed like she was the right person to do it,” John added.

“These Are the Ways”

Switching gears to something off the new album, Kiedis and company prepared to play “These Are the Ways.”

Kiedis told Howard the song was borne from a “beautiful arrangement” and lyrical melody John had brought to the band. “It almost felt like a classical orchestra because it just kept crescendo-ing as the song went further, and really all I had to do is fill in some lyrical blanks,” Kiedis said. “My job is to listen to what they’re playing, and go drive around my car, and listen some more, and wait until some words start falling down into their place, write them down, and refine it a little bit.

The band confessed they were “slightly” under-rehearsed and had only performed “These Are the Ways” one other time. “We played it the other night at the Henry Fonda,” Kiedis said, adding that, unlike a few of their previous stadium hits, this one was suitable for any venue. “I like the songs on this record because to me they make sense in a club, a laundromat, a stadium, on the moon—just about anywhere.”

“Are you nervous?” Howard asked him.

(Video) Red Hot Chili Peppers Remember Touring With Nirvana

“I would be nervous either way … I try to [get nervous]. It makes me feel good. The juices are flowing. I care,” Kiedis said before turning to Flea. “Younervous?” he asked his bandmate.

“Yeah, a little bit. Just enough. I know how it goes and I’m ready,” Flea responded before diving into the song.

“Give It Away”

The Chili Peppers closed things out with ‘Give It Away,” a fitting choice considering they end most of their shows with the “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” lead single. “It’s just a nice sentiment to leave them with, and also to leave ourselves with, and it’s hard to follow,” Anthony explained. “It does not get old. It’s a song that has been fun to play 10,000 times without getting too boring.”

The idea of the song came from one of Anthony’s former girlfriends—German singer Nina Hagen. “She impregnated me with this thought of, ‘Give your stuff away, you’ll feel better,’” he said before recalling Nina told him it felt good after giving him her leather jacket. “That idea stuck with me, but really my memory is of Flea playing that bass line and … the minute I heard it, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s going to be nice to sing to.’”

“For me, many of my most long-lasting musical ideas … come from jamming with the band, with these three guys and in the spur of the moment when I just play something ‘cause I want to honor them and I want them to be happy,” Flea noted of his contribution to the hit.

For the actual writing of the words, Anthony described what turned out to be an arduous experience. “I definitely freestyled in rehearsal, and we just kept it,” he said. “But I did sit there on the couch next to the microphone furiously writing lyrics to the last second before recording because there was verse to fill.”

After blowing Howard and co-host Robin Quivers away with their intense live version, Anthony confirmed that even he was stirred up by his bass player’s wild movements during the performance. “I saw a reflection to my left, and I thought, ‘Somebody in the lobby is getting down,’” he said before adding, “Then I realized it was Flea. … It’s inspiring.”

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Their seventh album, Californication (1999), became their biggest commercial success, with 16 million copies sold worldwide. By the Way (2002) and Stadium Arcadium (2006) were also successful; Stadium Arcadium was their first album to reach number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Net Worth:$800 Million
Date of Birth:January 12, 1954
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Profession:Radio Personality, Author
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Apr 6, 2022

Is Jack Sherman really dead? ›

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From iconic album cover art to insane music video concepts, RHCP never disappoint when it comes to a creative aesthetic as out-there as their music. They have entrusted that creative vision to modern icons of art and film including Stephane Sednaoui, Gus Van Sant and Mark Romanek.

Who is opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers 2022? ›

Five years is a long wait! But now they are back on tour with “Unlimited Love” and John Frusciante. The global tour starting in Seville, Spain, has reached North America.

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Simply place the peppers into a plastic bag and keep them in your refrigerator vegetable drawer. Optimal temperature is between 40-45°F. You do not need to wash the peppers before storing. It is best for them to be dry, as water can speed up the rotting process.

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One example fee to book Red Hot Chili Peppers is in the starting range of $2,000,000-$2,499,999. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear. Popularity, career stage, along with current demand will cause fluctuations in their speaking price too.

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Who was the first guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers? ›

60 years ago today, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' founding guitarist Hillel Slovak (1962-1988) was born in Israel. When he was four years old, his family moved to the U.S. where he later became immersed in L.A.'s thriving music scene.

Why did Dave Navarro leave RHCP? ›

One of the reasons for Navarro's departure from the Chili Peppers, he said, was his desire to explore such issues in more depth lyrically, which he said he was unable to do in the Peppers, as most of the RHCP lyrics are penned by Kiedis.

Who did Anthony Kiedis date? ›

And presently, Kiedis is in a relationship with 20-year-old model Helena Vestergaard.

Is Anthony Kiedis Greek? ›

Born in the US in 1962, Anthony Kiedis is the singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis' grandfather is Lithuanian, but Kiedis is also of Greek, English, French, Dutch, and Mohican heritage. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

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Are The Red Hot Chili Peppers Overrated? - YouTube

Who writes Red Hot Chili Peppers songs? ›

"Bob"Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith Dave NavarroRick Rubin
"Body of Water"Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith John FruscianteRick Rubin
"Brave from Afar"Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith Josh KlinghofferRick Rubin
"Breaking the Girl"Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith John FruscianteRick Rubin
52 more rows

Is Red Hot Chili Peppers problematic? ›

The singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Describes Repeatedly Raping a 14 Year-Old Girl in Louisiana. The singer for the band “The Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Antony Keidis, described repeatedly raping a fourteen year-old girl in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in his Autobiography titled “Scar Tissue,” released in 2004.

How many number 1 hits did the Red Hot Chili Peppers have? ›

1 song on both the BDS and Mediabase Alternative charts, extending their record for the artist with the most No. 1 singles in Modern Rock chart history with 13 total. To date, the band has spent 86 total weeks at the No. 1 position throughout their career (also a record).

How many platinum albums does Red Hot Chili Peppers have? ›

# 8 – Seven out of the RHCP's eleven albums are certified platinum: The band has put out twelve studio albums as well as one live album since 1984.

How many records has Red Hot Chili Peppers sold? ›

To date, the band has sold over 80 million albums worldwide. They have been nominated for 19 Grammy Awards, of which they have won 6.

Will RHCP tour again? ›

The 2022 tour will mark the return of guitarist and all round cosmic musician John Frusciante to the group, as well as the band's first ever stadium tour in the U.S. Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing their career-spanning hits as well as new music from their forthcoming album.

Who is opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers 2022? ›

Five years is a long wait! But now they are back on tour with “Unlimited Love” and John Frusciante. The global tour starting in Seville, Spain, has reached North America.

Will Red Hot Chili Peppers tour UK again? ›

Red Hot Chili Peppers add second London show on 26 June 2022 to their run of UK dates set for June and July 2022. The 2022 stadium tour marks John Frusciante's first outing with the band since rejoining in 2019 and coincides with the 30th anniversary of their fifth album Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Who opens for Red Hot Chili Peppers? ›

Tour dates
DateCityOpening act
Pre-tour shows/performances – North America
July 31, 2022Inglewood, CABeck Thundercat
August 3, 2022SeattleThe Strokes Thundercat
August 6, 2022Paradise, NVThe Strokes King Princess
51 more rows

Is Jack Sherman really dead? ›

How much does it cost to book Red Hot Chili Peppers? ›

One example fee to book Red Hot Chili Peppers is in the starting range of $2,000,000-$2,499,999. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear. Popularity, career stage, along with current demand will cause fluctuations in their speaking price too.

Who is doing stadium tours 2022? ›

Red Hot Chili Peppers | 2022 Global Stadium Tour.

Is Chad Smith Will Ferrell? ›

Of course, the stars are not related, with Chad Smith born on 25 October 1961 to Joan and Curtis Smith in Saint Paul, Minnesota while Will Ferrell was born on 16 July 1967 to Betty Kay and Roy Lee Ferrell in Irvine California. However, it's never stopped the comparisons.

Why did Frusciante leave RHCP? ›

Virtuoso guitarist John Frusciante left Red Hot Chili Peppers for the second time in 2009. He explained that he wasn't in the right place mentally, as he put it, he was an “imbalanced mess”. Thankfully, in 2019, Frusciante returned to the group after a ten-year break.

Can I sell my Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets? ›

Tickets are for personal use only and may not be resold for profit and/or through unauthorised resale sites such as Viagogo or Stubhub.

Who is opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers at SoFi Stadium? ›

Thundercat announces tour dates with Los Angeles Concert at SoFi Stadium, supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bassist, multi-facet musician-extraoirdinaire, Thundercat has announced tour dates with a Los Angeles concert at SoFi Stadium on July 31, supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers, alongside Beck.

Who is the current guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers? ›

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Are The Strokes playing with Red Hot Chili Peppers? ›

The Red hot Chili Peppers have announced the dates, opening acts and stadiums for their upcoming 32 date Summer tour that will span across the U.S., U.K. and Europe. They'll have a rolling lineup of superstar opening acts including The Strokes, Beck, HAIM, St. Vincent, Anderson .

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS DEBUT AT #1 WITH BIGGEST ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR!. #1 ACROSS THE GLOBE, INCLUDING US, UK, IRELAND, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM, FRANCE AND BEYOND. It notably bowed at #1 on the Billboard 200 , marking the group’s second #1 debut on the chart and first since 2006’s classic Stadium Arcadium .. In the UK, it stands out as their fifth career #1 in the country.. Listen to Unlimited Love — HERE .. “Black Summer” also hit #1 at both Rock and AAA Radio.. Red Hot Chili Peppers paved the way for Unlimited Love with a myriad of memorable moments.. The quartet revealed their own SiriusXM channel channel “Whole Lotta Red Hot” on ch.. Additionally, Flea is on the Cover of Bass Magazine — HERE , Chad Smith is on the Cover of Modern Drummer and John Frusciante graces the Cover of Guitar World and Total Guitar .. Unlimited Love notably marks their first recording with guitarist John Frusciante since 2006 and first with producer and longtime collaborator Rick Rubin since 2011.. This summer, Red Hot Chili Peppers will launch their first tour in support of Unlimited Love .. The summer of Unlimited Love is underway now…

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the more peculiar bands to gain mainstream popularity.. This is the tragic real-life story of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. The Red Hot Chili Peppers most people know are singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Michael " Flea " Balzary, drummer Chad Smith and... well, whoever happens to play guitar at the time.. Flea ultimately kept his dosage low and stopped popping pills after a month, but he says he "could have easily gotten another refill.". "Under the Bridge" is arguably the Red Hot Chili Peppers' most beloved song, and its lyrics are famously about singer Anthony Kiedis' struggle with drug addiction.. After John Frusciante left the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the first time in 1992, his life went downhill so fast, it's almost a miracle that he managed to return to the land of the living.. Overdoses were a part of life, and Flea lost three of his greatest friends before they turned 26.. It was a brutal way of life that he couldn't quite shake until he was 31, and he was 40 before he could consider forgiving his parents for the environment they raised (or rather, didn't raise) him in.. The tensions between the guitarist and the others kept growing, and as the Guardian reports, it didn't exactly help that Kiedis was a recovering addict at the time, while Frusciante was increasingly into drugs.. In the 1980s, both bands had a similar, funk metal sound, and Faith No More had even played as an opener for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. Most musicians have their own idols and inspirations, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are no exception.. And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been one of the most consistently popular bands in the world for most of their 39 years together, but it hasn’t always been an easy ride.. On April 1, Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing their 12th studio album Unlimited Love , which reunites the band with Frusciante and the producer behind their most beloved albums, Rick Rubin.. “Aeroplane” remains the band’s best bubblegum pop confection, and there are some interesting experiments like Flea’s lead vocal turns on “Pea” and the end of “Deep Kick.” But when Navarro left RHCP in 1998, One Hot Minute ’s fate was sealed as an overpromoted, underwhelming chapter in the band’s history.. Hillel Slovak rejoined the band, and one of the band’s heroes, George Clinton, signed on to produce.. The second time John Frusciante stepped away from Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2009, they looked to their inner circle to take his place: Josh Klinghoffer, a collaborator and protégé of Frusciante who’d been a touring member of the band since 2006.. On the first day of rehearsals for I’m With You , Anthony Kiedis learned of the death of Brendan Mullen, a longtime friend of the band who’d helped the band early on as an L.A. club promoter.. The band was increasingly become the new face of L.A. rock, saluting their hometown influences Fishbone, X, and Thelonious Monster in a collage of samples on the opening track “Good Time Boys.” The single “Knock Me Down” showed the melodic power of the new lineup while poignantly reflecting on the damage that drugs had done to the band.. Although several songs co-written by Jack Irons appeared on the band’s first two albums, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan is the only RHCP album with him on drums.. It features monster grooves like the evergreen live staple “Me and My Friends.” Hillel Slovak’s creativity and versatility is on full display, including his most inspired guitar solo on “Backwoods,” vocoder on “Funky Crime,” and sitar on “Behind the Sun.” The latter belatedly reached the top 10 of Billboard ’s Modern Rock chart when it was released as a single from the band’s What Hits!?. While RHCP’s reunion with John Frusciante on Californication yielded a few funky, hip-hop tinged jams like “Around the World” and “Get on Top,” the album became a blockbuster largely because the band’s mastery of melodic midtempo songs like “Scar Tissue,” “Otherside,” and the title track.. The band and the producer moved into a (supposedly haunted) L.A. mansion converted into a recording studio, churning out iconic anthems like “Give It Away” and “Suck My Kiss.” And when Rubin found a vulnerable autobiographical poem in Kiedis’s notebook and encouraged the band to set it to music, the unlikely power ballad “Under the Bridge” was born, unlocking a different side of the band and helping turn them into a multi-platinum phenomenon.


1. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away” Live on the Stern Show
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(One rock ((🔴)))
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 with Chris Rock Induction and Performance
(Bruno Portugal)
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - These Are The Ways (Official Music Video)
(Red Hot Chili Peppers)
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – These Are The Ways
(Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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