Equipment Review – Arion Phono Preamplifier from Luminous Audio Technology



Richmond Audio Society Member, Tom Craggs, has written an excellent review of the Arion Phono Preamplifier from Luminous Audio Technology, designed right here in Virginia. Read about Tom’s experience and get a feel for why this is such an amazing addition to any analog rig!


Fine Tuning Your Turntable

Assuming you’ve already set up your turntable, how do you fine tune it to get the best performance it’s capable of delivering?

The best process I’ve read for fine tuning a turntable for best sound is the one posted by Lloyd Walker at his web site: Fine Tuning Your Turntable.

I’ve followed Lloyd’s process for eight years now and it’s the easiest fine tuning process I’ve ever used. Just learn to trust your ears and follow these steps once you’ve done the basic alignment and initial VTF/VTA (SRA) set up.

It’s these final steps that bring out the magic.



Dead wax inscriptions

Cutting Engineer dead wax symbols…

Ever wonder how to tell the difference between different vinyl pressings of your favorite record or what to look for as an indicator of good sound quality in your vinyl. There’s a lot you can learn by looking at the deadwax, that blank area between the last grooves and the label. Here are pictures of some inscribed initials and Continue reading

“The Magic Eraser” Stylus Cleaner

Mr Clean Magic Eraser for stylus cleaning

I’ve used a variety of stylus cleaners over the years, including LAST, Disc Doctor, ZeroDust… But I’ve now switched to something I’ve found much more effective:

a sliver of “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” (ME) purchased at the grocery store.  You’ll find it with household cleaning products.  Use only the WHITE product, not the blue or pink that have detergents built in.

Doug Deacon from Audiogon introduced audiophiles to this product. Several of us in the Philadelphia Area Audio Group tried it, and I’ve been using it ever since.

WHICH KIND TO GET? Get the ORIGINAL all white ME. Continue reading