Equipment Review – Arion Phono Preamplifier from Luminous Audio Technology



Richmond Audio Society Member, Tom Craggs, has written an excellent review of the Arion Phono Preamplifier from Luminous Audio Technology, designed right here in Virginia. Read about Tom’s experience and get a feel for why this is such an amazing addition to any analog rig!


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For Sale: Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable

The Walker Audio Turntable continues to be among the top tier of statement level turntables available in the world. Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound has called this turntable “the single most neutral and lifelike source component I’ve yet heard or had the pleasure of using.” (TAS Issue 202) It has been his reference for over a decade.

David Robinson, editor of Positive Feedback , says of the Walker turntable: “The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature is the finest turntable system that I have ever heard, bar none.” (Positive Feedback, Issue 23)

The Walker Audio turntable lives among a small handful of what can be described as the greatest turntables ever designed and manufactured. It is legendary in high end audio. And, if purchased new today in it’s current Black Diamond V iteration, it comes at a legendary price also.

You have an opportunity to purchase this EARLIER generation turntable, that is fully upgradeable to current specifications, for 1/5th the current retail price.

I am selling this turntable due to my planned retirement and downsizing which will eliminate my dedicated listening space and requires me to sell much of my reference audio system.

This offering includes the following components and updates:

  • Integrated air bearing linear tracking tonearm
  • External motor controller for precise speed control, 33/45rpm
  • Most recent updated pneumatic suspension
  • Newly released oil-free, always-on, no maintenance air supply

Contact me at:  Joe Galbraith <>

Asking price:  $22,500

And including:

*Included only if asking price is met.

Shipping:  If asking price is met, owner will cover 50% of the cost of shipping to your location within the continental United States (the lower 48 states).

For more information about this remarkable turntable, see the following reviews:

Positive Feedback: The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable

Rushton’s Review of the Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable

6Moons Review: Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable

A note about the photo at the top of the page: This photo is of an identical Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Turntable, not the actual unit offered for sale. For serious purchase candidates, I will arrange for photographs of the actual unit if requested.

Axiom review

I recently purchased an Axiom preamp from Tim Stinson and wanted to share my impressions. If you are not familiar with Tim’s design you can check his web site I was always interested in a passive design for the obvious reasons: one less component to muddy up the sound, less cost, etc. But I’ve read that the sound for passives can be lifeless and the low end thin. Since Tim will let us try it before we buy it I brought one of the multi-input versions home. My initial impression was what I expected – cleaner and quicker. I also thought I might get a drier sound with a loss of bass. I didn’t get that but instead I heard a much blacker background making everything more dynamic. So I didn’t loose anything over my powered preamp except some distortion. Having a good amp is of course a necessity and a few months ago I bought a rebuilt Son of Ampzilla from Mike Bettinger. The combination is a real winner, especially when the combined cost is around $1,000 for both pieces. For those of you who like tubes I can imagine that an Axiom with a suitable tube amp would also be a killer combo.
Ray Breakall